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Sierra Vista High School5

Las Vegas, NV | Clark County


March 8, 2015

I am a freshman at this school and by what I can tell, they have the worst staff ever. Most of the teachers there just sit on there phones and change the power point slide. We never actually get to be hands on with anything. I only have one teacher who is a good teacher but gives us endless amounts of homework. I would expect this from any CCSD high school considering that CCSD is ranked #50 out of 50 school districts in America.

Submitted by a student

August 11, 2014

I moved back to Las Vegas from California and went back to Sierra Vista and I couldn't believe the change. There is no longer any school spirit and as far as the teachers go they don't really care about teaching they get paid (in my opinion) to just sit there throw 50 slides of notes on the bored then give you a packet of work and tell you it's due tomorrow. In California they actually taught us something and the transition was horrible to go back and fail. But it gets to a certain point as a student when you can't blame anyone but the teacher when ever kid in the class is failing because then it's the teachers fault. The kids are horrible just doing the most in a bad way that's only hurting them. The school is almost like a school filled with wanna be gangs and drugs and that's just what I figured out my first week back as I sat there only observing how everyone and everything has changed. The once amazing school, the school that was known as the role mode school is nothing but a disaster almost like a jail that we spend hours in trapped learning nothing. I had two good teachers last year and I was taking seven classes so that says a lot.

July 1, 2014

This school is absolutely the worst. I came from California and was very disappointed to attend this school. There are always fights occurring and the staff seems to care more about the dress code than the actual academics.

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May 11, 2014

This school is one of the worst in Clark County, in my opinion. Uncaring teachers, way too many fights occur out of nowhere in the learning environment, and it's not very clean nor is its staff organized at all.

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February 26, 2014

SV has DRASTICALLY changed in these past few years since the recession, &still is changing. I've had at least 1 of my children attending since 2005, &I'm very disppointed in what it's becoming. Since the economy dropped in 2007, you can see a big change in the school's student body, teachers and parents(things started getting bad around late 2010-ish). Many people lost their homes on this side of town, so of course many people moved in from the wrong side of town when homes dropped. Many of the teachers at this school are careless/arroggant &the adminstration is constantly switching people. Also, many of the students are ignorant, don't care about their school work/school in general. There is constant conflict between the new young students(physcial fights), &racism as well against others since the main ethinicties of the school are now becoming Asian or Black. This school has NO school spirit anymore, and there's no parent involvment either within the new incoming generations of parents/students. It's rather disppointing that a once a new awesome school, has changed for the worse. SV was a WAY better school before, &it's sad that now I don't even want my last child to even attend

Submitted by a parent

January 21, 2014

Not really good. Socially there are tons of teachers who choose their favorite students, so it's hard to just talk to teachers when they think you're random or weird or 'why are you in my class?' There is also some bullying. Academically, there are some teachers that are awesome at teaching, but give extremely hard or overwhelming amounts of work in very little time and there are some who don't teach well at all. For class variety, there is enough to make it interesting, but nonetheless it is not enough to be enjoyable. I would recommend the Weight Training class, but that is my personal interest so I can't speak for all the students. All in all, it is below average, and if you can go somewhere else. There is more to school than just grades; it is about learning and gaining experience, but also to enjoy it. The school puts too much emphasis on the test scores and basically places your value as a person based on them as well.

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November 15, 2013

This is a very good school and my son is doing pretty good. We are glad.

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September 28, 2013

My school is fast developing a sense of community and singularity of purpose. It's a new school but it's beginning to get its bearings straight. This year, a rally to welcome the incoming freshmen was held and it was well attended. The faculty is impressive. The management is rational. I expect great things from the school for my child this year.

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August 27, 2013

CCSD needs to replace all teachers, admins, and students at this school. I'm pretty bummed that it still exsiting. Sierra Vista brought bad memories and bad grades to me, but it wasn't my fault. The administration really sucks no wondrous why there's no school spirit. As far as I'm concerned, that school was the worst.NOT ROCCOMEND THIS SCHOOL.would have gave 0 stars.

August 7, 2013

Very unorganized, lowest quality schools I've ever been to.I. don't reccoment this school to any people with plans to be successful or have a future.

June 6, 2013

My school is a wonderful school to go to all of the teachers care and want you to do your best.

Submitted by a student

October 23, 2012

I have experienced nothing but positive things from Sierra Vista. My son has attended the last 4 years and he is graduating. High School is a bit different in that your child definitely learns independence and the teachers are teaching that here. The staff has been great and we have enjoyed our time with the Band program. The honors and accelerated courses are great as well.

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August 16, 2011

Well said, I am a southern parent--etiquette and education are instilled from birth...unfortunately Clark County has been nothing but one disappointment after another with my 2 school age children.

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May 9, 2011

Coming from out of state, I was truly expecting more from the "5th largest district in the US." I find it deplorable that students only have to pass one semester of classes in middle school in order to attend high school in Clark County. Sierra Vista is not a terrible school, but I have never taught (in 16 years) such immature students. The school has a no tolerance policy for cellphones, iPods, etc, but trying to enforce the policy is much easier said than done. Class size plays a large roll in the problems in Clark County. I spend more time on discipline than education in my classes due mostly to the disrespect and immaturity of students. I believe that most teachers and staff truly care about their students and have a passion for teaching, but the educational environment is not conducive to true learning. I absolutely love teaching and my students, but teaching at Sierra Vista is exhausting and disheartening. With the budget cuts and layoffs these problems will only get worse. Regardless, I get up each morning eager to teach and share knowledge with my students. A big problem with SVHS is the rampant drug problems plaguing the school.

Submitted by a teacher

March 25, 2011

Terrible experience trying to transfer my daughter from the Northshore school district. Only 2 months till graduation and they will not let her graduate and walk with the senior class due to curriculum incompatibility. Sierra Vista wanted her to take World History and PE over the summer and charge us for it. They even suggested we send her back to her old school. Staff was absolutely inconsiderate in this case. We ended up having to send my daughter back to Seattle to finish her year. Cell phone use is prohibited in class as it should be, but apparently not enforced. Teachers sell snacks to kids prior to class? Not good.

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