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Green Valley High School7

Henderson, NV | Clark County

October 28, 2014

This school recently changed principals, and in turn a lot of the staff moved schools. The staff they have in place now is iffy. I wouldn't recommend this school if you are moving from out of town, especially if you're from a place where people are nice. Students are mean, and teachers and administration pick favorites and pick on kids that they don't like, specifically if they are new. So far, I'm having a terrible year here at this school. One of the girls that was new this year switched schools about a month after school started because she was having such a terrible time. There are scattered teachers that are good, especially if you are in AP classes, but there are some that try to act like they know what's best for your future and try to tell you what to do. As well as, there is an extremely strict dress code, and if your sleeves are a centimeter smaller than three inches, you're forced to wear one of their shirts for the day, and they confiscate your shirt. If you get a second offense, you get suspended. I'm glad to say that I will only be spending a year, if that, at this school, and will be extremely pleased to get out of Green Valley.

Submitted by a student

September 19, 2014

To the last reviewer who gave the school one star, you are the only one star here and you know why ? because the school is great ! the fact that your kid didnt get in, is no reason to rate the school at one star, i am sorry, but grades DO matter ! good schools always have an entrance exam or min gpa requirement, like colleges and universities mind you, there you cant get in with a bad GPA either.

August 24, 2014

...All about the numbers and not students. They refused my son due to his GPA and we live 2 miles away. We've read the reviews on Coronado, our Zoned school over six miles away, and I refuse to allow him to attend. Note: Coronado is overcrowded with portables. So, it's not about the student ratio. It's about the student progress numbers; politics. He also has his personal reasons which we conveyed to GVH. They did not care; only about his GPA. We relocated here in July. JULY!. Thanks for the support and opportunity for an education, GVH.

Submitted by a parent

February 14, 2014

I have 2 children that have or are attending GVHS currently. I have lived in Henderson for 30 years and Green Valley has always ranked as the top school. Coronado and Foothill are excellent schools as well but don't have the parent/teacher relationship nor music; arts; sports and academic commitment that GVHS has. Parent involvement; sports; student government; school activities are important to our family and Green Valley delivers on all Fronts. Our son's have been able to travel with the school to the Macy's Day parade; Perform at Carnegie Hall; Obama Inauguration; Compete for State Titles in Baseball; Swimming; Diving. Jeff Horn is an amazing, caring, compassionate educator. I am looking to move to Memphis for work and the school and surrounding neighborhood are important to me as a parent. Green Valley neighborhood is nationally ranked as a city for their Parks and Recreation. Little League; Lacrosse; BMX and Skateboard parks; 15 minutes from the Airport; 10 minutes from Malls; Retail; Grocery stores; minutes from the Interstate; Golf course; If you can think of an amenity; Green Valley has it and the High School is at the Epicenter. GO GATORS!!!!!

Submitted by a parent

October 24, 2013

This school has a very good reputation, so much so that we are doing our best to stay in the area so our child will be in this high school. I work at an apartment complex and there are people who have moved from out of state so that their children could attend this school.

Submitted by a parent

August 9, 2013

Green Valley is a excellent school. I have been very impressed by the academics and extracurricular activities available. The AP/IB programs have very high expectations. The teachers have been very supportive and helpful in my child's success. The volleyball and debate teams are incredible. I would highly recommend this school.

Submitted by a parent

May 31, 2012

This school is absolutely terrific! The teachers and staff are outstanding. Of course, it's a large public school so there are going to be some students who we parents would rather not see there but they really manage it well and it is safe and surprisingly clean. I've made time to personally meet the teachers and it's obvious they really care. The school has been recognized by Newsweek for its' academics, by Sports Illustrated for its' athletics, the band has been invited to China and performed in the Macy's parade, the speech team has gone to State every year for over a decade and the music program has received an Grammy! What more needs to be said? If you care about and take at least some responsibility for your kids' education, this is the best school in town.

Submitted by a parent

January 9, 2012

Granted there are some kids who don't strive to do as well as others, Green Valley is an AMAZING school. We are lucky enough to keep our Fine Arts Programs because our principal, Mr. Horn, does everything he can to keep them. Being a Gator we are so into our school that I wouldn't be if we would bleed blue and green. I seriously doubt you would find a better school especially in Las Vegas and this is coming from an actual student. Green Valley isn't just a school, its a family. We all get along and have no problems. This school is the best you'll get, I mean come on, we even got a Grammy Award.

Submitted by a student

December 4, 2011

Green Valley High School was a fine school in its day. Still a pretty good school. Very, very crowded now though. Teachers, with a few exceptions, are above par. Staff, with a few exceptions, are very good. Didn't suit our child. Chose to withdraw.

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May 25, 2010

My daughter has attended GVHS from 9-12 and has received a pretty good education. There's times she's had difficulties, but most teachers have gone the extra effort to help her, and she's now graduating with high honors. It's taken a lot of effort. She's had more difficulty getting through her honors classes than her friends who had a better head start in middle school. Lots of kids there have no motivation, but its offset by others who strive for the military academies, an IVY league schools. There are very talented people, both students and teachers, at this school, and my child has an excellent well-rounded background because of it. They've had a lot of opportunities there other schools don't have. CONS: The principal will tell you what you want to hear; lacks the motivation for change unless there's a direct benefit to him. don't like him, but like most teachers there.

Submitted by a parent

March 10, 2009

Green Valley is a great school. It has great teachers and students

Submitted by a student

February 5, 2009

Green Valley High School is summed up in its motto: Commitment to Excellence. In academics, in athletics, in arts, and in the activities, program after program strives to be the best in town. Standout programs are the forensics team (9 state titles in the last 12 years), the band, choir, and orchestra programs (all perform at a high level with committed experienced directors), and many of the athletic teams. It is the only regular public high school that offers the International Baccalaureate program. This year, it had more Presidential Scholar nominees than any school in Nevada.

Submitted by a parent

January 29, 2009

Green Valley High School is a superb school! I had a daughter graduate in 2004 and my youngest daughter will be graduating this year. This school has completely prepared them for entrance into any college or university. The AP and IB programs are top notch! The extracurricular programs are excellent and help the students to stay focused on keeping their grades up and excelling in school. No wonder GVHS is ranked consistently as one of the top schools in the nation. My daughters excelled at GVHS in academics and extracurricular activities. I know I made the right choice when I decided to move near GVHS so my daughters could get the very best education the Vegas valley has to offer!

Submitted by a parent

January 28, 2009

This is a great school with extremely nice teachers, but its extracurriculars left me ashamed. Their sports system made me embarrassed about how they almost cheated in some ways.Luckily, my son has graduated, and now my daughter is zoned for silverado.

Submitted by a parent

August 30, 2008

I am so impressed with every aspect of GVHS. My son is plugged in to athletics, music, clubs and honor roll and is thriving in every area. Thank you Mr. Horn and staff for holding our children to a higher standard!

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