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Selma F Bartlett Elementary School10

Henderson, NV | Clark County


August 22, 2013

Well this is going to be our first year at Bartlett. So far the office staff has been helpful and polite. Looking forward to what should be a great year!!

Submitted by a parent

June 7, 2013

I think the school is great because of the teachers and people in the office.

May 1, 2013

Bartlett is a great place for students to learn. The administration and staff are all dedicated to the learning and best interest of all students. Parents are always welcome to volunteer.

Submitted by a teacher

October 4, 2012

Our two children have attended Bartlett for the past four years, and we absolutely love this school and its staff. A great school begins with strong leadership, and we are fans of the principal and the high standards she holds her staff and students to. Our kids have been fortunate to have exceptional teachers during our time at Bartlett, and of the six teachers we have experienced with our two kids, only one was anything less than outstanding. Bartlett has a strong and active PTO, and the teaching staff has always been welcoming and open to our desire to be involved as parents. We would pull our kids and send them to private school in a second if we had even the slightest concern about their experience here, but Bartlett has been wonderful to our kids and we are proud to be Bartlett parents!

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August 22, 2012

I really am happy with this school. The teacher really work with your child no matter what level they are on. Parents are encouraged to help in the classroom. Art and Music is still a priority which I feel is so important. Love this school.

Submitted by a parent

November 20, 2011

I love everything about this school. Teachers, principal all the computer labs....even the social activities....Best school ever!!!

Submitted by a parent

April 27, 2011

This school is good, but they have issues as well. The best thing I can say is this school has an awesome PTO. I have two children who attend Bartlett and the PTO is always doing something. I wish I could join and be more active, but currently I am not able. The principal is okay, she would probably be much better for a middle school and not elementary, but we can't choose the principal. The teachers I have experienced have all been wonderful. They do their best with the limitations they have to work with. I do NOT like the whole "all kids must do the same thing" routine, in fact I hate that, but its not the teachers fault, that is a district rule. The front office staff have been known for being rude, but I can honestly say in the past 2 months, I have noticed a huge difference. Overall, this school is one of the best and I wouldn't take my kids out. I would like to see more extra work given to kids who are struggling in certain areas for practice. As a parent, I should know my child is struggling before I get a report card with a low grade. There are too many communication tools for them to not be used properly.

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March 21, 2011

I brought my daughter here after 4 years in private school, and "we love it"! I think this is one of the best schools around, my daughter has not been happier. The teachers are nice and encourage them to do their best. If you are looking for a new school in the Henderson area I would highly recommend Bartlett!

Submitted by a parent

June 12, 2010

My son has attended this school for two years, just completing the first grade.The teachers have been great, encouraging and firm at the same time. The reality is that every child in one grade is different and we cant have a "one size fits all curriculum. With this being the case, its up to parents to raise their children which includes education. There are outside classes, summer school, libraries, camps, etc... which are available to help your child exceed or "catch up". I take it upon myself to stay involved with my child's education. He is held accountable and as a result understands that his input affects the outcome. I stay involved in the classroom and school, the kids in his class all know who I am. This school has been a great foundation so far and highly recommend it. Education is more than dropping a child off at the door.

Submitted by a parent

June 10, 2010

My daughter attended Bartlett for a few months and I was disappointed in how we were treated. The teacher was nice but didn't seem to know much about my child when I would ask questions. My daughter did not seem to learn much and was really behind in reading. The front desk staff was generally nice but the biggest issue was with the principle. We just felt as if she was rude and didn't make an effort in resolving our issues for the best interest of our child. My daughter is now in a great school where she was immediatly put in a special reading program and has excelled beyond my expectations.

Submitted by a parent

April 18, 2010

I agree with the person who posted on 4/14/10. I have a child in the first grade and we love this school. The teachers are wonderful and each child is assessed and taught according to their ability. The new principal is fantastic and within 2 months of her tenure, she created programs for gifted children as well as for special needs. Also, the front office staff are VERY friendly and helpful and I've never had any problems with them. Maybe if you're nice to them, they'll be nice to you!!!

Submitted by a parent

April 14, 2010

I am very happy to have one student have attended and one that currently attends. The students do not do exactly the same work as all students do. Both of my children have excelled here and would recommend this school to any parent. The focus is that all students can and will learn by different ways to make them successful. This is due to the new principal assigned this year.

Submitted by a parent

April 13, 2010

I am sorry that my child attended this school. Administration and office staff are EXTREMELY unfriendly, both to students and to parents. All students in the same grade must do the exact same work, regardless of their ability. My child was held back because they were ready to move on, but the principal is so focused on special education students that they neglect the students who are gifted. My child is now at a better school, and is happier and more challenged.

Submitted by a parent

February 24, 2010

This school is very 'hands-off' mentality. Parents aren't welcome. Don't help your child. That's our (teachers') job, but we don't do it. No feedback until progress report time. They do NOT want you to know what the children are doing in class; they don't want you assisting your children, even if they need help learning concepts. This has been the theme through the grades. Some teachers don't even send home graded work so students can know if they're meeting standards. Six book reports, no grade yet. The front office staff are extremely rude. The one exception (Andrea, nurse) is gone now.

Submitted by a parent

September 16, 2009

This School is back in time the leadership is overbaring and disrecptable to the paents and others. The office staff has a job and thats how it's comes across the others who visit this school.

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