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Helen Jydstrup Elementary School3

Las Vegas, NV | Clark County


August 18, 2014

Actually my daughter just transferred out from this school and now registered with Bay Area. Today is her 1st day. Compared with the staffs and teaching, I would like to say, Jydstrup is better than the Bay Area school . I did not see the Bay Area principle greeting kids at the front door and I was told that after school the kids will be dismissed since it is an open campus (not like Jydstrup, teacher will not dismiss your kids until they see the parents). While, I will say the key points is the student resource, and parents involvements. Most Bay Area kids parents are highly educated engineers and they pay much attention to kid's education, if the kid were left behind, parents would send him/her to tutoring. And, it is unacceptable to not-do homework. So, personally I will say, Jydstrup or Veags teachers did more and contributed more compared with Bay Area, unfortunately, they did not get enough support from parents or parents attention. Kids future is determined by school, family and society, Vegas school need more parents support.

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June 5, 2014

The school I would like to review is Jydstrupt.On every level this school is terrible! Children that are ready for school and need to be challenged are left t o be bored while the children that obviously have parents that have taught them nothing about behavior are the constant drains on the over loaded system. These children are mixed with the few that could be set to task doing work that would teach them something more advanced. Is it my child's job to teach or learn? How many times can a child be told to say the alphabet or count to 100, when they've known this since they were four. My child was so excited about going to school, now thinks it is boring and unfair. My child doesn't understand why the whole class is punished for the actions of a few. I've known of a child who was struck by another child and had ice put on their face, and the parent was not notified. And, later on the VP claimed not to know anything about it. My neighbors child was sent to detention for telling about being HIT by another child. This was considered tattling--how should I feel my child is safe? As for. the Be Kind program--teachers talking kindly would be a good start. Help!! ,

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April 21, 2014

My kids have been going to this school for 4+ years now.. i had 1 child graduate 2 years ago and another graduating this year.. along with another joining this next school year.. i can honestly say this school is not an ordinary school.. they treat the kids and parents like family. The staff is great, and the principal is amazing. they care about each and every child's success.. with their one on one study groups and all the help they have to offer.. no doubt they want each child to succeed.

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December 18, 2011

My children have been going to Jydtsrup for 3 years now. I am extremely happy with this school. I have had very good teachers for all of my children. Even when I had questions, I went to the principal to discuss it. He listened to all of my concerns and addressed them. I think parents need to take more of a role in their children's education and stop blaming schools. This school has just recently gone through a trajedy of a loss of one of it's students. The principal and teachers handled it professionally while informing the parents as well. I suggest before you make any decisions, meet with the principal, Mr. Fydman and have him give you a tour. He is always willing to talk. I will miss this schools when my kids are no longer there.

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June 22, 2011

I have found all employees at the school very easy to work with. Generally the office staff is helpful, the administration is extremely responsive, and the teachers do a good job. I think as parents we need to introduce ourselves and be part of the school. Once you have established a relationship with everyone things are great.

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June 19, 2011

I agree with another parent about some of the awful support staff at Jydstrup. My child was so stressed out about interacting with the lunch lady, he'd break down before school if he had to buy a lunch, which we realized after many months. We now make sure he brings lunch. Finally we witnessed firsthand on more than one occasion how cruel she was to various students. Also, the office manager is rude and unprofessional, which sets a tone for the rest of the office staff. The way they treat students, especially when they think no parents are present, is appallingly mean-spirited. Not sure if the principal -- who seems to be a thoughtful, capable administrator -- doesn't have the authority to rid the school of these cancers or if he thinks this is appropriate behavior. There is also an unwillingness by teachers to pursue field trips, which is unfortunate for the kids. Sometimes creating a nice memory for the students is worth a little more effort, and the enthusiasm of the educators just falls short here.

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June 25, 2010

I have a child that just attended Helen Jydstrup Elementary for first grade; & we loved it. We were very happy w/ his teachers; although there was a 1st grade teacher we became aware of that we were very happy to not have. Yet, we had a great experience overall. We were happy w/ & thankful of the politeness of the staff & students, the curriculum, events, & emphasis on holidays/celebrations & look forward to returning in the fall.

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September 21, 2009

i ma a parent of a student who attended kinder and 1st grade this is a very good school!

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February 19, 2005

I am a parent of a student who has attended Helen Jydstrup for just over 2 years. I have been happy with the overall quality of the school. However, when my son entered the program I was disappointed by the fact that there was no orginized programs for parents and guardians. There is no PTA, no after school clubs or in school programs. I have also been disappointed by the fact that holidays have not been celebrated and topics of these holidays not discussed in my childs classroom. I was told by a teacher that holidays present no educational value and that each school makes the choices to celebrate holidays or not. I later learned that the fact is, my childs teachers refused to celebrate holidays because the children acted 'difficult' during these celebrations in the past. I believe more scheduling and planning should be put into involving families and activities.

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