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Elise L. Wolff Elementary School9

Henderson, NV | Clark County


January 22, 2015

My two daughters have attended Elise L. Wolff for the second year now (2nd and 4th grades) and the teachers and staff are awesome. I give a lot of my own time in the school helping out teaches whenever possible and therefore I have direct knowledge of what goes on in this school, so I speak from personal knowledge. They also have an excellent GATE program for those students excelling beyond their expectations. My 4th grader is in the GATE program and it's super awesome. Parents really need to get more involved in the school's day-to-day activities to understand how awesome this school really is, and they should feel privileged to have their children attend this great school.

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May 31, 2014

My son came to Wolff in 5th grade from Europe and I was thrilled with the attention he received from his teachers. They immediately recognized his strengths and weaknesses, and were absolutely wonderful to him as he was very nervous going to an American school for the first time especially as he has a slight accent. Ms. Olson, Javers, Bernick and Christenson...thank you! Parking lot is indeed a nightmare but I dropped mine off and picked him up across the street so had no problems. I would not recognize the principal if I ran her over in a car but to be honest I never needed to speak to her so did not matter to me. Very strong PTA. Great school.

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May 14, 2014

We recently moved into the school from another state. PROS: School seems to be a good educational avenue, as far as NV schools go. The teachers are real helpful so far. CONS: The pick up afterschool is the WORST I have seen in many schools we have dealt with. Only about 50 parking spots and about 100 or more cars, they give you a 2 minute retrieval time, where you have to go into the gates to claim your child and then get out. If you miss this window, as there is not enough parking, then the kids get sent inside to office. There is a lane to try and pick up, but with all the cars parked in the way, it makes for a nasty snarl of cars moving, parked and parents/kids trying to get to vehicles. Then everyone tries to leave at once, even worse! Cars on streets getting police tickets, kids running all over(who are walkers) makes for mass chaos!! I am surprised no child has been harmed yet (not that I know of) Someone needs to address this schools way of getting kids in and out before disaster happens!!

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May 8, 2014

The involvement of all teachers and other staff, including the school principal is excellent. Although many complain about the parking at this school, it's only because many do not take advantage of the available parking areas, or because they are not aware of them. I have had no problems with parking and getting out of the school at all. The teachers, including the PE teachers are excellent and really get involved in the students academic progress. Although I would like to see more parents involved, there are many who do get involved in all activities and do a great job. My daughter is in the GATE program which is an excellent program offered by this school. She loves it and will continue for the 2014-2015 school year. Looking forward to 2014-2015 school year with excitement and continued involvement.

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May 1, 2014

Parking lot is a zoo. Teachers are okay. Classrooms are overcrowded. Principal is extremely concerned about school rating. I would still prefer my daughter in this school than some other surrounding schools.I hope there is a zero tolerance for bullying. I have not heard anything from my child, but if there are issues I hope the school is addressing them with proper consequences.

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April 30, 2014

Not crazy about my son's teacher and the fact that the school doesn't seem to take bullying at the early grade levels too seriously. Worst part is parking for all these parents. Police often harassing people up Spenser/seven hills for parking yet there is NO WHERE ELSE TO PARK. Makes for stressful transportation. They need much better parking availability. Lots of opportunity to get parents involved on the up side.

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January 8, 2014

The Teachers are great , other than early attendance parking problems , school policy BS , I Do have to admitt that the Teacher's are very attentive and absolutely the best , Ms. Phillips was the best K-teacher , now 1st grade my son LOVE'"S Ms. Leine , , I consider myself very Lucky to have Ms. Liene's as my boy's teacher ,

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January 7, 2014

I think its ridiculous how early they expect the kids to be at school 8am . That means they have to be up before the sun comes up and be fed , brush teeth back packs and traffic to make that time . Every other Elementary starts at 9am or later . Why is It this way this would be a major complain besides the ridiculous parking issues

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June 10, 2013

My son attended Wolfe for 1st grade and loved his teacher Mrs Gonsalves. She kept us informed with newsletters. Anytime I wrote a letter to her, which was often, she always replied back to me the same day. Whenever my son struggled with any concepts, Mrs Gonsalves would provide me helpful hints to help him with homework and would try different teaching techniques to help him understand. Overall, Wolfe is a great school.

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March 31, 2013

Have to agree with prior comments about parking and Principal Harbin. If you dont arrive at least 30 minutes early you will not find a parking space that your allowed to park in. However, the "parking attendents" which are parents do save a few reserved spaces for their friends. This is where they place cones and tell us other parents they are for the "SafeKey employees". Meanwhile around 2:05 you will see they allow their friends to park there to pick up their children at 2:11. Over the past 6 years Principal Harbin has failed to show any leadership qualities or try to solve the parking lot issues. Last year a child was hit in the parking lot and numerous staff, administration, teachers and HARBIN park in the front parking lot which takes spaces away from parents. Meanwhile the school employees have private parking on the side and rear of the school. So many teachers are in agreement that they wish they had another principal or they could be transerred to another school. We are very pleased that after 6 years our daughter will be going to middle school in the fall. We hope the next 2 months go by quickly.

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March 23, 2013

We moved from Australia in January and I had no idea what school to send my daughter to. After numerous phone calls to different schools, reading reviews and people recommendations we enrolled our daughter at Elise L Wolff Elementary. I have been extremely happy with the school. My daughters teachers are wonderful they have been a great help in the transition process. The office staff are lovely and the support teachers have been extremely helpful. I would defiantly recommend this school..

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March 20, 2013

I have never seen so much chaus in my life with the parking issue! There is NEVER anywhere to park, I was told you can't park along the firelane low and behold some people can so Im going to adress that with a video and show the principal myself. I was told you Can't park on the hill (it's reserved) And then at 211 the fun begins you have to find your kid out of the 550 other students! Theres never anywhere to park! unless you get ther 1 hour early and get ran out of your spot two or three times. They really need to fix this problem maybe with school buses I mean you cant go to this school unless you live in seven hills so why cant a but drop the kids off at the gates? I simply dread picking up my kids from this school and dealing with getting in and out of the parking lot!

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March 15, 2013

I taught at Wolff eleven years ago. I went to another school to become the Art Specialist. Now I am retired and I substitute teach at Wolff often. I was so happy to see several of the teachers I knew were still there. They seem happy enough to stay at Wolff. I find the teachers in every grade to be enthusiastic, organized and encouraging to students. It is now required by CCSD that all teachers in every grade in every school follow what is called " Curriculum Enginge". This outlines what every teacher in the district should teach for their grade level. Teachers are no longer the "soul resource" of the curriculum planning and in many ways that is a good thing because teaching is consistent throughout the district. Any student who transfers from one school to another can just pick up where the last one left off. One thing I noticed when I taught there is that many of the parents who lived in Seven Hills seemed to think they could make demands and use their status to influence the decisions that are made. Mrs. Harbin does not bend to anyone because of "who they are" nor does she change things because of pressure from the outside. I find her to be very fair and objective.

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February 11, 2013

Teachers are wonderful, caring towards the students. The principal and her asst. are useless and do not care about the students or parents.

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December 9, 2012

I was astonished when I received a reply from Ms. Harbin, Principal of Elise Wolff, to fill out a parent survey the district provides about a complaint I had with the school. She could care less about legitimate concerns of her students and parents. And, I NEVER see her at school functions or addressing the horrendous parking during drop off and pick up. She needs to make a presence (and, if you ask other parents..they will say the same thing..no one knows who she is). Luckily, my kids have had some fabulous teachers!

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